My Medium

My Process…

I am a socially conscious expressionist. A term I freely borrow from Phillip Guston which I prefer over social realism. In late 2019, during the pandemic, I returned to the objective narrative. At some point, in the 80’s, I opted to explore abstract concepts for what I thought would be a short while. Throughout it all, my preferred medium was and remains acrylic on stretched canvas.

Painting serially is what I tend to do. It is the result of exploring a theme several times in succession. Doing so offers me a deeper understanding of the compositions and narratives I pursue. It also allows me to push my socially conscious subject-matter and narratives until I feel I’ve successfully exhausted them; at least for the time being. The expressionist approach and execution of my paintings are rooted in several techniques that I developed during my abstract phase. The same gestures and mark-making enhance the emotional and psychological reality I seek to capture in each piece.